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Arizona's Native American Indian Ruins

Homolovi Ruins State Park


Arizona's Native America ruins & ?

The Native American Indian ruins and other sites listing here covers many, but not all sites that are available for tourist explorations. Some sites are suitable for children, some for adults only, some for seniors, some have handicap provisions, some have snack areas, some have airport facilities, and some are totally out of the way and will require considerable effort to locate and tour.

Many of the ruins and sites of the Ancient Native American Indian Nations and Pueblos (towns) are privately owned and operated, and therefore can set their hours, fees, and restrictions as deemed by the owners or managers, you should look up the site you want to explore from this listing, and do an Internet search for the latest available information.

These sites may contain Petroglyphs (rock drawings), Caves (natural or man-made), museums (with artifacts), pueblos (towns), Kivas (prayer and meeting places), and mounds (burial grounds).

Many are NOT open to the public, some are by invitation only; some are accessible by paved roads, many are not and require hiking or other transport.


Arizona ruins:

Agua Fria National Monument
Awatovi Ruins {External Link - Antelope Mesa}

Besh-ba-Gowah Archaeological Park
Bonita Creek Cache Cave {External Link}
Bridgeport Pueblos

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Casa Grande ruins National Monument
Casa Malpais Archaeological Park

Dawa Mesa


Goat Hill {External Link}
Grand Canyon South Rim
Grasshopper Pueblo {Near Cibecue, Arizona, Location restricted}

Hatalacva Pueblos
Hill Forts of the Tonto National Forest
Hohokam Pima
Homolovi Ruins State Park

Inscription House {External Link}
Ironwood Forest

Keet Seel
Kinishba Ruins

Montezuma Castle
Montezuma Well
Mule Canyon Ruin {External Link - Navajo, but in Utah}

Navajo National Monument

Pipe Spring National Monument
Point of Pines {External Link}
Poncho House {External Link - on Utah/Arizona border}
Pueblo Grande Museum

Raven Site Ruins
Roger's Canyon Cave Ruin
Ruins of Palatki - Palatki Heritage site

Sierra Ancha National Wilderness
Sinagua cliff dwellings
Sunflower Cave {External Link}

Tonto National Monument
Tuzigoot National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument
White Mountain Archaeological Center
Wupatki National Monument

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